Drunk in... June

2017 is steamrolling on and here we are already over halfway through the year. The days of complaining about the rain are now replaced with cursing the sun. At least we can enjoy a beer or two to cool down. Here’s what we were drinking in June...


Tremendous Ideas - Double IPA 8% // Cloudwater Brew Co. x Other Half Brewing Company

Bang on the Hedges brand, comes this 8% DIPA collaboration with New York brewery, Other Half (who brewed several collaborations with several UK breweries during their trip over from the US for Hop City Leeds).

If you’ve read anything I’ve written on this ol’ blog in the past, it’s pretty obvious by now this beer was always going to be my thang - the UK kings of this style of beer collaborating with one of the US kings of the style? Go figure. 50% oats were used in the grist for this which made it super viscous for dat murk and was very thick for dat mouthfeel.

This was super fresh and juicy. I had two cans, one not long after they went on sale and one about a month later - it definitely improved once the slight burn from the super fresh hops had settled down.

Half Cut - Double IPA 8% // Magic Rock Brewing x Other Half Brewing Company

Bang on the Hedges brand, comes this 8% DIPA collaboration with New York brewery, Other Half. Wait a minute…

I’m basically a broken record, aren’t I? Magic Rock have churned out some superb IPAs this year and this is probably the juicy icing on the very hoppy cake. Grassy, mango, piney, peachy - I should probably get myself a thesaurus. And to Huddersfield post haste to visit the tap room.

Humuloid - Double IPA 8% // Beavertown

Bang on the Hedges brand comes this 8% DIPA. I feel like Bill Murray right now. Except I would willingly repeat all of these beers FOREVER. This is quite probably the murkiest beer I think I’ve ever had. We cracked open a few of these one evening and I thought they tasted a little raw and vegetable-y. If someone had poured them into a bowl, I would’ve genuinely thought it was some sort of soup. The souped up version of Lupuloid, if you will. I resisted opening my can and left it a few weeks to reach its peak and I’m glad I did as good things come to those who wait and all that. This was the second big bastard version of a Beavertown beer I’ve had this year following on from Double Chin (the daddy version of Neck Oil) and this was the superior beer. Continuing the trend of juicy, fruity DIPAs, this was a welcome addition - I’m not sure it’s a style I’m ever going to get bored of so maybe I do need a thesaurus.


Djuicy - Double IPA 8.5% // To Øl

Bucking the trend this time, but only ever so slightly, comes one of the standout beers I had as part of To Øl’s tap takeover at BrewDog Shepherd’s Bush. Another superb DIPA - I think this is the first of this style I’ve had from these Danish heroes and they’ve again shown they have mastered yet another type of beer and reinforced why they are one of my favourite breweries.

This was amazingly refreshing and I sank it in record time, only wishing it wasn’t so expensive so I could buy pints of this wonderful alcoholic juice.

Goliat - Imperial Stout 10.5% // To Øl

The other standout beer from the To Øl tap takeover was this huge stout. The first dark beer to feature this month - it is summer after all so the stouts are on the back burner. As a man that doesn't really drink coffee all that regularly, I sure do love big imperial stouts packed with coffee like this.

Definitely a sipper, the huge sweet chocolate and then bitter coffee lasted long on the palate and I'll definitely be seeking a bottle of this out for the winter months.

Selassie  - Imperial Stout 11% // Omnipollo

Another massive imperial stout, this time from the best brewery in Sweden, Omnipollo. I picked this up a few months ago but after reading several reviews I cracked and had to raid the fridge to try it for myself. This was pure decadence; conditioned with a heap of Ethiopian coffee and vanilla beans resulted in a rich, oily dream of a drink.

When you get an imperial stout in the glass with a deep brown foamy head, you know you're in for an absolute treat. Maybe I should start drinking coffee?

DDH IPA Citra - American IPA 6% // Cloudwater Brew Co.

Here comes my favourite beer from our visit to the Tate Modern for the Cloudwater Tap Takeover . Pretty much alcoholic fruit juice, this was dangerously drinkable and went down extremely easily. There was a surprising watermelon-esque aftertaste that made me actually say ‘wow’ as I didn’t expect it but once it had settled, I couldn’t stop drinking it. The perfect beer for a summer’s evening. I may have had three of these.

Tempus Project BA Applelation,  Calvados & White Wine Saison /- Farmhouse Ale  10% // Beavertown

I had the regular Applelation a while ago and remember not enjoying it as much as the art on the can it came in. I feared the same here as the bottle label is again excellent. However, I needn’t have worried - the barrel ageing in calvados and white wine really elevated the beer and brought the apples to the forefront with the Brettanomyces yeast bringing the funk. It almost tasted like a cider mixed with a white wine; giving off an initial sweet taste before being left with a sour finish. Saison is a style of beer that I don't really have a lot of time for but off the back of this, I'll definitely be more open to trying barrel aged versions.

An excellent beer to pair with watching the Foo Fighters performance at Glastonbury. It was definitely one of THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST beers of the month, anyway. I'll get my coat... over to you, Brand....


Squid Ink IPA - Black IPA 5.5% // XT Brewing Company

Picked up from local bottle shop, The Beer Musketeer, as part of a run for some beach beers. This isn’t the usual type I would go for on a blisteringly hot sunny day but this Black IPA went down really well. Fantastically malty and really smooth. Also, aptly named for a drink to swig whilst staring out to sea.

Columbus Comet Cluster - American Amber Ale  5.7% // Wiper and True

 The King Street Tavern in Portsmouth was having a beer festival as part of their first anniversary celebrations. I’ve enjoyed popping into the King Street Tavern on occasion, it has a cool decor and normally has some beers on I don’t see in most places (the excellent Bruges Zot on tap for example). For their beer festival they had got in even more beers for the celebrations, my favourite was this excellent amber ale (with an even better name) by Wiper and True. Readers of the blog will know I’m a big fan of Wiper and True so no surprises here. A warm, rich and slightly spicy amber ale.

Bloody 'Ell - American IPA 7.2% // Beavertown

I had been waiting to get my hands on this year's version for some time and finally tracked a can down last month. Having heard mixed things about the beer I was a bit unsure what to expect. I’m pleased to say that I found it thoroughly enjoyable, juicy with just a hint of orange (definitely not overpowering). At 7.2% it's pretty strong for an IPA and I could definitely taste the alcohol in this.

Peacher Man - Witbier 6.2% // Beavertown

This Belgian Wit was my beer of the month. I’m a big fan of wheat beers anyway but this refreshing number stood out as something special. It’s fruity with a pleasant mix of apricot and peach flavours without being overpowering. A pleasant, easy drinking beer… I’m glad I got my hands on this as I almost walked out of the shop without spotting it!

Zuur Rhubarb - Sour Ale 3.5% // Vibrant Forest Brewery

I tend to stay away from sour style beers having had pretty mixed experiences with them. However, I’m pleased to say I have found one that I would gladly go back to. I tried a couple of sours on the same day and this immensely refreshing, fruity concoction with a hint of sweet rhubarb really stood out. Honourable mention to Vibrant Forest’s Acidlicious which I also enjoyed but didn’t quite have the edge as Zuur. Definitely one of the more enjoyable sours I've had.

Tellicherry - Witbier 5.4% // Red Cat Brewing

Something a bit different from Winchester based Red Cat Brewing. I’ve had a couple of their beers before but nothing as good as this refreshing Wit. If you were expecting cherry from the name you will be sorely disappointed as Tellicherry actually refers to the type of peppercorns used in the brewing this beer. The peppercorns provide an interesting character and create a nice balance within this beer.

Part of Red Cat's more experimental Untamed Range.

Tremendous Ideas - Double IPA 8% // Cloudwater Brew Co. x Other Half Brewing Company

I find it hard to describe Cloudwater’s brews and do them justice. Another massive, juicy, fruit IPA. It smelt amazing; like a literal juice bomb had been opened. It also tasted pretty good too, great collaborative effort with Other Half Brewing Company.

Humuloid - Double IPA 8% // Beavertown

A gift from a friend, we had fun comparing the varied art of the Humuloid cans before cracking these open and pouring them out. First impressions were; massively murk and so fresh. It was dense and packed full of flavour. I found the flavours a bit overpowering initially but it did grow on me. Overall, an enjoyable Imperial IPA and one I would return to.

(Thanks to Friend of the Voyage, Jabo, for the picture)

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