Beer Voyage came together the way every good idea should - over a couple of beers at the pub. Dreamt up as a way to legitimise our beer expenditure, our mission is to review and recommend all things beer and travel related; bars we have drank in, cities we've visited or beers we've picked up along the way. Our aim is to seek out the best beer-based happenings around the world and give our take on them. And if we get to sink a few beers along the way, we can't really complain can we?

We are by no means experts or in anyway qualified on the subject matter; we just really bloody love beer and travelling. Which probably makes us as qualified as most other websites.



Originally from the heart of cider country, Somerset, it took me a while to discover my love of beer. I drank cider and lager until my early twenties but after slowly being introduced to ale and beer at local beer festivals by my Dad (thanks Dad!), I became a beer convert and there's been no turning back ever since.

My other passion is travelling and combining this with my love of beer has led to the creation of this site.

Favourite breweries: Verdant, Mikkeller, Other Half, Cloudwater, To Øl, Omnipollo
Favourite beer style(s): Stout, DIPA, pale ale
Favourite bar(s): War Pigs (Copenhagen), BRUS (Copenhagen), Other Half (New York), Half Acre Tap Room (Chicago)