Behold, the Beer Voyage Map.

We’ve created this world map to collate all of the places we mention in our blog posts so you can use this map to help you if you’re planning a trip somewhere we’ve been and are looking for recommendations or you can just simply browse a wide range of beer spots across the world.

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City Maps

Whenever we plan a trip away, you can be sure a Google Map is almost sure to follow. We’ve put together a few over the years and so thought we may as well share them here. Whilst you’ll see some of the places listed on our main map above and in our reviews, these individual maps are far more comprehensive. Some have extras such as restaurants or famous landmarks but the one constant is that they all have an array of beer spots to check out. We can’t vouch for every place on each map being stellar but they hopefully help as a starting point.

If you’re heading to any of these cities, click on any of the buttons below to open the relevant Google Map in a new window and feel free to save a copy. Get in touch if you’ve found any of them useful!

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